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The 88 Airport Lounge is connected to the famous 88 hot springs located in Calamba Laguna. The 88 airport lounge has 87 massage rooms and common rooms, and is home to a Korean restaurant serving the best sashimi courses in Manila. There is a souvenir shop with only the best products, and 20 experienced therapists are available 24 hours a day.


88 airport lounges are

1. Manila 1,2,3,4 airport transfer

2. Facilities such as massage shop, restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop

3. Use of shower room and private lounge

4. Links to Manila suburbs (88 hot springs, Pagsanjan, Batangas, etc.)

We have put together all the amenities for travelers .

 If you arrive in Manila late in the evening

 If you need to rest a lot of time until departure time

■ If you have to travel by domestic or international flight, but you need to stay long

88 Airport Lounge is convenient.


To provide our clients with quality and dependable services, our employees with a satisfactory working environment and our shareholders a value for their investments.


To give the best quality, safe and enjoyable accommodation experience for those guests who arrived in Ninoy Aquino Airport.


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